Consulting for publishers who want to establish themselves on the book market in Sweden, Norway or Denmark

For publishers and authors who want to establish themselves in Sweden, Norway and/or Denmark, there is a lot to organize. Even though communication in English with people from Scandinavia is always possible, it is still not always easy to find the right information if you do not know the Scandinavian languages.

Logistics, in particular, present some challenges for foreign publishers. The swedish corporate tax offers some pitfalls when it comes to foreign business, which is why many publishing distributors do not sign contracts with foreign publishers. We speak Swedish and know our way around the Scandinavian book market. With the right contacts, we will also be able to help you establish yourself in the Scandinavian market.

Even though the Scandinavian book markets are fairly small (Sweden: € 479 million, Denmark: € 610 million, Norway: € 358 million), there is still a lot to gain. This is because there is less competition and book prices are generally higher.

Consulting for publishers who want to establish themselves on the book market in Sweden, Norway or Denmark

We offer four different sessions: an overview of the Scandinavian publishing industry, how books are finished and printed, how logistics and sales work, and about marketing for books.

These sessions can be booked individually or as a package.

Session 13: Overview of the Swedish, Norwegian and Danish Publishing and Book Markets

  • The different road from printed book to the customer, incl. advantages and disadvantages of the different options
  • The fixed book pricing system in Norway and general pricing in Sweden and Denmark
  • Legal deposits of book (also e-Books) to public libraries
  • ISBN in Scandinavia
  • The scandinavian distribution system
  • Book trade associations

60 Minutes - 119 € + VAT

Leaflet only - 25 € + VAT - Available here

Session 14: Production of books in Scandinavia (incl. legal requirements)

  • Half-Titel, Imprint and Barcode (incl. its legal requirements)
  • Swedish copyright laws incl. how to protect your title
  • Recommended number of copies for the first printing in Scandinavia
  • e-Books and Audiobooks
  • How to find a printer 
  • Professional editing and translation services

45 Minutes - 99 € + VAT

Leaflet only - 20 € + VAT - Available here

Sessions 15: Logistics and Sales of Books in Sweden, Denmark and Norway

  • Databanks containing all available titles 
  • Distributors (contracts, samples, delivery)
  • Required discounts for book stores and wholesellers
  • Different fulfillment opportunities
  • Different transportation opportunities
  • Your own webshop
  • Selling on Amazon or in Scandinavien book stores
  • The european "Packaging Act" and recycling fees
  • Basics of european VAT and customs regulations

90 Minutes - 139 € + VAT

Leaflet only - 35 € + VAT - Available here

Session 16: Marketing of Books in Sweden, Norway and Denmark

  • Cover-Design
  • Social Media
  • Different plattforms for book reviews
  • Influencer and Blogger
  • Your own Webshop (& Google Ads)
  • Other advertising possibilities

45 Minutes - 99 € + VAT

Leaflet only - 20 € + VAT - Available here

If you book all four consulting sessions, you will receive a package price of 349 € (plus VAT).

This saves you 97 € (net) compared to the individual prices.

If you want to book the package, first make an appointment for the session you want to attend first. You can make the appointments for the other 3 sessions within 12 months after the first booking.

Other advantages of our consulting services

  • The sessions are personal one-on-one sessions
  • Sessions take place online via Zoom by appointment
  • We address your questions and needs. We will discuss which solutions might be most appropriate for your project
  • After each session you will receive a fact sheet with the most important points
  • These sessions are sufficient for us to explain to you which steps are necessary and what you need to consider. Unfortunately, they are not sufficient to carry out all the steps together or for you. If you are interested, please contact us and we will provide you with a detailed consulting offer.

FAQ - The publishing industry and the book market in Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark and Norway)

FAQ - The publishing industry and the book market in Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark and Norway)

Is there a fixed book price in Sweden, Denmark or Norway?

Not in Sweden or Denmark. You only determine the price the booksellers must pay to you for each book. How much the retailers resell the book for is up to each retailer.

In Norway, there is a fixed book price. This means the publisher determines the final selling price, which all book stores need to comply with.

Do the EU packaging laws and the dual system exist in Sweden, Denmark and Norway?

Sweden has now introduced the dual system, so packaging fees apply here as well. In Denmark, the law so far only applies to bags, but an extension is planned. In Norway, there is no dual system relevant to the book trade.

What distribution channels are necessary to reach bookstores in Norway, Denmark and Sweden?

In Scandinavia, there is no wholesaler system. Instead, you need a distribution service, from which the bookstores can order. The distribution service does not buy the books from you (as wholesalers do), but stores them for a fee and sends them to the bookstore after the order is placed (there are then additional fees).

Theoretically, you can ship from yourself to the Scandinavien book stores. However, you will receive little to no orders, as the Scandinavian bookstores expect you to charge for shipping.

What difficulties do I face in finding a delivery agent? What is the F-tax in Sweden?

In Sweden you will encounter the problem with the "F-tax". In Sweden, there is a rule that when buyer A buys from seller B, he must check if seller B has an "F-tax certificate". If not, buyer A has to pay the corporate taxes for seller B as well. Of course, Buyer A does not want this and therefore refuses to do any business with Seller B. Since companies from outside Sweden cannot have an F-tax certificate, many distribution companies categorically refuse such contracts. This is of course nonsense: there is an exception for foreign companies. Otherwise, Sweden would never be able to do business with foreign countries. But many distributors don't know (or don't want to know) that.

You also have to deal with currencies. You will have to write invoices in SEK, NOK or DKK.

What steps are necessary to publish a book in Sweden, Norway or Denmark?

1) Complete translation.

2) Register book in relevant database, e.g. Bokinfo.

3) Have book printed and sent to the distributer.

4) Send the legal deposit copies.

Should I use my own or a Scandinavian ISBN?

ISBNs are assigned according to the publisher's headquarters, not according to target market or language. You must therefore use your own ISBN for the translations as well.

Do I have to submit legal deposit copies to the national libraries?

Yes, in Sweden there are 7 copies to be sent to 7 different libraries. In Norway it is also 7 copies, but they are sent to one central library. In Denmark there are two times two copies.

You might have to submit legal deposits also in the country where you are situated.

Do I have to register for VAT in Sweden, Norway or Denmark?

If the deliverer handles the invoicing with the bookstores: No, the delivery agent is responsible for sales tax. The reverse charge procedure applies to the invoicing of your revenues.

If you handle billing with the bookstores yourself: Yes, if you store books in the country there, you will also be liable for VAT there. You can get a VAT number in Sweden from the tax office in Malmö, in Denmark from the state trade office in Copenhagen, and in Norway from the "Altinn" authority.

VAT for books is: in Sweden 6%, in Denmark 25% and in Norway 0%.

Should I have the books printed locally or rather have them delivered?

It makes no difference to the distributor. It is rather a purely economic decision whether the longer transport routes are worthwhile or not. For Norway, you also have to factor in import fees, since Norway is not part of the EU.

In which databases do I have to register my books? Are there VLB in Sweden, Denmark or Norway?

In Sweden there is "Bokinfo", in Denmark "Bogportalen" and in Norway "Bokbasen".